November 2020


I am putting these notes here for others. S/V Fizzgig, a 2015 L450F was commissioned as a 240VAC 50Hz EU boat. We are in the US so I needed to support dual voltages/frequencies. In the past few months we have added and changed quite a few things. The schematic here has details as does this text. swapped out the AGM batteries for a 122KWh (960AH @12.8V) Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery battery pack.added 2x 3600W Isolation transformersswapped out the masscombi inverter-charger for a 5KW @240VAC Victron Quattro inverter-charger.swapped out the mastervolt 60A solar charger for a Victron 150/35 MPPT charger.added a 120VAC 3000W inverter to supply 120VAC loads.added a 120VAC electrical panel for 120VAC loads.added a victron cerbo GX to monitor and control the system.swapped out the candy washer-dryer with a Splendide (the candy died.. and was dumb!)added an autostart device to the Onan genset to allow the victron cerbo system…