April 2019


Tap tap tap. Is this thing on…. *feedback squeal* We have an announcement to make, before your heart sinks, read to the end. The mighty Waponi Woo is for sale. Yup, she is on the market. Spread the word! She is ready to go ‘round the world with you and your family. Did I ask earlier to spread the word? Yeah, please do that. Tell all your friends, even the land-locked ones! Details on the boat are in the listing. Q&A: What happens next with you guys? We will be spending the hurricane season in the PNW between the Seattle area and Sandpoint, ID. Are you going to stop cruising? NO! We really like this stuff. Are you getting a different boat? Yes! We are looking at Catana catamarans. Why get a different boat? Many reasons. 1. Caroline likes to go fast, a Catana has dagger boards that let the…